Children's Books

My Name Is Yoon

by Helen Recorvits

© 2010 Yoon Jung Lee

I am from Korea and my first name is Yoon Jung like this book main character name. All of my friend call me "Yoon" which means "Bright Wisdom" or "Shining Wisdom." It is good for parents who immigrate here with children because they can understand their children's mind well. Also, it is a short story to read easily.

Amazing Days of Abby Hayes

by Anne Mazer

© 2010 Yoon Jung Lee

Amazing Days of Abby Hayes has 17 books in a series. Each book has Abby's good lesson with friend, superstar-siblings, and family. Specially, she shows how handle her daily life well with journal. I am a very impressed by these books.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Leon

by Ellen Raskin

© 2010 Yoon Jung Lee

To find her (Mrs. Carillion) husband who married Mrs Carillion when they are a child, this book shows her sincere, love, friendship and patience. I am wondering where I can buy Mrs. Carillion Tomato Soup. Yammy!!

The Little Prince

by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

© 2010 Yoon Jung Lee

It is one of famous books in the world. Whenever I read this book, my mind is cleansing like after taking a shower. In addition, the pictures which draw by the little prince are a very interesting.