Synchrotech Unibrain FireRepeater-800 Pro FireWire 800 IEEE

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This model has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The 5 Port FireRepeater-800 Pro FireWire 800 Repeater Hub (IEEE 1394b) is a suitable replacement.

Unibrain's 4 Port Repeater Hub provides port expansion on FireWire® 800 IEEE 1394b device chains. Oriented towards industrial and machine vision applications, FireRepeater-800 PRO™ provides the ability to connect up to four FireWire 1394b devices and it's metallic compact case minimizes the risk of physical damage. The platform agnostic device provides four 9 pin (bilingual) IEEE 1394b ports with a maximum throughput of up to 800 Mbps each. The Hub utilizes IEEE 1394b bus power, or accepts an optional power adapter (sold separately) for use with devices requiring more power. Repeater hubs provide bus flexibility in that they allow for daisy chaining and/or hierarchical (tree) bus configurations. Repeater hubs also provide a means to lengthen the distance between devices when 1394's cable length of 4.5 meters (15 feet) is inadequate. Simply daisy chain repeaters between cables to extend your reach to 110m. FireRepeater-800 Pro incorporates locking 9 pin bilingual ports, multiple mounting points and an optional metal bracket to ensure an even more secure physical connection.

Features and Specifications


Fully IEEE 1394b, FireWire, iLink compliant

Add Four FireWire IEEE 1394b Ports (9-pin) to a device chain

Platform and Device agnostic, works with any IEEE 1394.1995/a/b complaint device, host or OS

Optional power supply available (purchase separately) for devices needing bus power

Add or reinforce DC Power Supply capability of your FireWire connection

Allow multiple repeaters' connection for extra distance (up to 110m)

High speed transfer rate up to 100, 200, 400, and 800Mbps

9 pin bilingual ports with screw lock cables support

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty

Physical Layer Device

Two Texas Instruments® TSB81BA3D

Port Interface

Four port IEEE 1394b interface (9 pin bilingual connector)

Supports hot plug and plug and play functions

Transfer Rates

Up to 100, 200, 400 and 800 Mbps


Both asynchronous and isochronous data transfers are supported

Supports real time critical applications such as DV Cameras

Supports non real time critical applications like printers, scanners


Both tree and serial bus topology supported

64 bits device addressing

Multi-master capability

Package Includes

Four port FireWire IEEE 1394b Repeater Hub

Electrical Characteristics

Auto switching power from IEEE 1394b bus power or external DC power

Total output DC 12V/1.5A to supply the devices

Optional 12VDC adapter power supply

Operating Environment

Operating temperature: 0° C to 60° C

Operating relative humidity: 10-90% (max.) non-condensing

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions: 93 x 62 x 22mm (LWH)


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