DoubleQueue USB 2.0 A+A (Power) to A (Female) Y Extender Cable 19cm/.62F

The DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable was created to the exacting standards of leading WWAN hardware manufacturers. Hence, it wasn't cheaply or poorly designed like many competing cables. The DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable had to pass rigorous testing of standards bodies like the FCC, USB-IF, and others before inclusion in OEM packages for major wireless carriers. DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable's quality starts with the split for the power cables, occurring in the plug where there is the most shielding and the least amount of stresses from movement. Many USB 2.0 Y cables are split mid-cable, which is why they aren't standards compliant. DoubleQueue's connectors meet or exceed the USB-IF exacting requirements, and its highest quality EMI shielding assures USB 2.0's maximum throughput of up to 480Mbps. This focus on quality makes the DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable the best choice when deploying the MicroU2E family of adapters with the range 3G/4G WWAN devices like the Kyocera KPC680 or Option Wireless GT Max 3.6 Express. It is also excellent for powering USB 2.0 based hard drives, and SSD devices requiring extra electrical current.

DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable features two upstream male A connectors, one for data and power, one for power only, and provides a downstream female A connector. Designed for notebooks and computers without enough current at their USB 2.0 ports, DoubleQueue's ability to draw power from a second port allows power hungry devices. The DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable's ability to provide up to 1000mA to 1200mA when used with 500mA ports, and up to 600mA when used with 300mA ports. Providing a female A receptacle allows DoubleQueue to accept USB male A cable ends and devices like the MicroU2E-MV. The DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable can be used as a normal USB 2.0 extender cable simple by using the data and power portion of the cable only.

Part Number and Description

CAB-USB2-AAFA-0020C DoubleQueue USB 2.0 A+A (Power) to A (Female) Y Extender Cable 19cm/.62F

Extender with option of drawing current from second USB Port for MicroU2E or other USB devices

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Features and Specifications


Data transfer up to 480Mbps

Meets or exceeds all applicable standards

Best for use with USB devices with demanding power requirements

CE Approved

Warranty Information

One year limited warranty

Cable Specifications

One (1) USB 2.0 male A upstream connector (data and power)

One (1) USB power only male A upstream connector

One (1) USB 2.0 female A downstream connector

Data Transfer

Transfer rates of up to 480Mbps


RoHS compliant

Power Characteristics when Using Two Ports

Using Two 500mA ports: between 1A to 1.2A (max)

Using Two 300mA ports: up to 600mA, (max)

Physical Characteristics

Length: 19cm/.62F (plug molding to plug molding)


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