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CFMulti CompactFlash Type II to Eye-Fi + Multi-Card Adapter

CompactFlash to multi-card media adapter CFMulti opens new possibilities for CompactFlash (CFII) equipped devices. Most excitingly, CFMulti enables CFII based digital cameras to use Eye-Fi™ WiFi SD Cards to wirelessly transfer their photos just like SD based cameras do! Simply slip a configured Eye-Fi™ card into the CFMulti, and plug the pair into a CompactFlash Type II (5.0mm) slot. The Eye-Fi™ CFMulti tandem behaves just as if the digital camera has a native SD Card slot. Since most current high end DSLR and late model midrange digital cameras feature CompactFlash slots, CFMulti's ability to provide them with Eye-Fi™ wireless protects camera investments, while still allowing switching back to high performance UDMA CompactFlash when WiFi capability isn't needed. CFMulti also allows the use of SDHC, SD Cards, MMC +Plus, and MultiMediaCards in place of CompactFlash. This multiple card capability is handy when an assortment of cards are on hand. When economy is more important than speed, large capacity MMC and SD Cards are less expensive than high performance CompactFlash Cards.

Part Number and Description
ADP-CF2-SDHCF CFMulti CompactFlash Type II to Eye-Fi™ + Multi-Card Adapter [FAQ]

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Features and Specifications

MacOSX Win32 x86Unix

CE Mark

Vista Ready

MacOSX Win32 x86Unix

Compatible with SDHC
Standard MMC Mode Interface support
Standard SPI Interface for MMC Card
Fully compatible with SD system Spec 1.0
Fully compatible with MMC system Spec 2.0
Microprocessor I/O transfer mode (High flexibility) or Automation transfer mode (High speed) Support
Auto Command/Response CRC generation/check
Programmable Clock Rate (62.5KHZ ~ 24MHZ)
Auto Data CRC generation/check
Warranty Information
1 Year Limited Warranty
Host Card
CompactFlash Type II
Media Accepted
Eye-Fi™ WiFi SD Cards
SD Card (Secure Digital Media)
SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity)
MMC +Plus
Device Compatibility
Works with a wide range of devices with CompactFlash Type II (5.0mm) Slots including: Digital Cameras, PDAs, and Digital Picture Frames.
System Requirements Mac
Any computer or Card Reader with a CompactFlash Type II (5.0mm)
Mac OS X 10.1.3 or later
System Requirements PC
Any computer or Card Reader with a CompactFlash Type II (5.0mm)
The Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista
Known to work, but unsupported on X86 Linux systems (tested with xubuntu 7.10)
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions: 42.8 x 36.4 x 5.0mm
Weight: 25g (approximate)
Electrical Characteristics
+5V directly from PC Card socket
Operating Environment
Temperature operating : 0° to 70° C
Temperature non-operating: -40° to 70° C
Relative Humidity operating: 50% (max.) non-condensing
Relative Humidity non-operating: 95% (max.) non-condensing


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