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AirQueue USB 2.0 A (Male) to A (Female) Extender Cable 19cm/.62F

AirQueue USB 2.0 A (M) to A (F) Extender Cable The MacBook Air's port hatch is beautiful, but its diminutive size makes for some USB connection issues. Enter AirQueue, a 20cm (7.75in) USB 2.0 extension cable custom designed to enable USB devices with large or unusually designed connectors to work with the MacBook Air. Furthermore, AirQueue is the only USB 2.0 extender cable certified to work with Synchrotech's MicroU2E USB ExpressCard reader. The AirQueue and MicroU2E combination allows deployment of a whole range of USB 2.0 based ExpressCards with MacBook Air, including wireless broadband devices like the Kyocera KPC680 and Sierra Wireless AC597E!

AirQueue provides mobile users the perfect distance away from a USB port. No need for 1 to 2 meter extension cables at a coffee shop or airport. AirQueue features the highest quality shielding, connectors, plating and molding. Incredibly durable, its superior manufacturing allows for 480Mbps operations. AirQueue works for any A (Male) to A (Female) need, and is an inexpensive, elegant way for ending port blocking problems.

Part Number and Description
CAB-USB2-AFA-0020C AirQueue USB 2.0 A (Male) to A (Female) Extender Cable 19cm/.62F
Use MicroU2E or USB devices with large or unusually designed connectors with MacBook Air!
Optional Accessories Sold Separately
USB-EXP-ADP-02 MicroU2E-MV USB 2.0 to USB Mode ExpressCard 34|54 Multi-Voltage Host Adapter
USB-EXP-ADP-01 MicroU2E USB 2.0 to USB 2.0 Mode ExpressCard 34|54 Host Adapter

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Features and Specifications

MacOSX MacOS Win32 x86Unix

CE Mark

USB Logo

Seven Ready

Elegant solution for MacBook Air port blocking
Certified to work with Synchrotech's MicroU2E USB ExpressCard reader
Up to USB High Speed 480Mbps (Megabits) interface access to host systems with USB 2.0
Provides 19 to 20cm clearance from USB Ports
Easy Installation
CE Approved
Warranty Information
1 Year Limited Warranty
Host Connection
USB 2.0 (Standard A Male)
Peripheral Connection
USB 2.0 (Standard A Female)
Devices Accepted
USB 2.0 Devices
Purchase a MicroU2E for use with USB 2.0 based ExpressCards
System Requirements
Designed for MacBook Air
Any compatible host computer with USB Ports
Transfer Rates
480Mbps (Megabits)
Electrical Characteristics
Operational Voltage: DC +5.0 Volts ± 5% direct from USB


W3 Document USB 2.0 Based ExpressCard Compatibility Table
Helpful list of cards known to work with USB 2.0 based ExpressCard adapters

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